After more than 7 months of intensive work, we managed to establish the first European venture capital fund within the V4 countries for a group of private investors cooperating with FOUNDERS FACTORY – one of the largest startup accelerators in the world. EuVECA is an AIF fund which, according to European regulation, is entitled to invest at least 70% of its portfolio invested in small and medium-sized enterprises based in the EU and is intended primarily for professional and, after meeting certain criteria, non-professional investors investing at least EUR 100,000.

Our work began in November 2020 when, after a detailed legal-tax analysis of available fund structures, we selected EuVECA as a suitable legal form for a cross-border alternative investment fund, focusing on venture capital investments in climate tech startups. This was followed by further months of work spent writing extensive fund documentation, culminating in a 5-month registration procedure before the NBS.

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