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In addition to client legal advice, our lawyers regularly publish articles on key areas of our advisory and comment on professional topics, especially in the field of tax and corporate law for renowned Slovak newspaper and the media. We regularly organize conferences on current topics in the areas of our advisory services. Our founders are members of working groups created at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic for the purpose of recodification of the rules for the area of collective investment and funds and the area of corporate law.


Establishing a small investment fund in Slovakia is not difficult. However, it has several pitfalls, the biggest of which we briefly described in an article for Hospodárske noviny. Whether it is illogical restriction on the issuance of investment shares in the SICAV fund, unclear and burdensome rules for accounting for small investment funds, or the obligation

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After more than 7 months of intensive work, we managed to establish the first European venture capital fund within the V4 countries for a group of private investors cooperating with FOUNDERS FACTORY – one of the largest startup accelerators in the world. EuVECA is an AIF fund which, according to European regulation, is entitled to invest at least 70% of

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A new member of our legal-tax advisory team

From 1.1.2021, our legal-tax team at Highgate Law & Tax as well as the tax-accounting team at CARPATHIAN  have been strengthened by tax advisor Vladimíra Mačuhová. Due to the growing demand for tax advisory services, Vladka’s arrival to our team is positive news for our clients, to whom we provide tailor-made tax legal advice. Vladka has extensive experience in the field

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CFC rules and the problem of the current legislative proposal

Let’s imagine that natural person – Slovak tax resident (“FO“) has a joint-venture company in the Czech Republic (“Company 1“) with a Czech partner. Company 1 is only a holding company without a permanent office and employees (objectively there is no reason to have an office and employees). This company has invested in a company outside the EU (such as the

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Where is the line between equity investment and collective investment

In our practice, we often come across investment structures in which a group of investors decides (or are approached) to raise capital, in order to invest it together into Slovak and foreign target companies. Most often, these structures look like this: In both structures, investors most often collect money into newly established project companies (SPVs), in which they acquire business shares or

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Webinar on the topic of establishing and operating small investment funds

On October 28, 2020, we organized a webinar on the topic “How to establish and operate a small investment fund?”. This is an area which, together with our affiliated tax-accounting consulting company CARPATHIAN Tax & Accounting, we comprehensively address not only in terms of legal regulation, but also from the perspective of tax consulting and accounting. The webinar was attended

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ARCA – interview in TREND

The media reported on the problems of the Arca investment group. Peter Varga answered questions from the TREND magazine. You can read the whole interview on the website of our tax-accounting company CARPATHIAN Tax & Accounting here.

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Our publications and media coverage on business advisory during covid 19 pandemics

In April 2020 we gave several interviews and published number of publications in leading Slovak newspapers and magazines in which we addressed the impacts of COVID 19 pandemics and our advisory to small and medium enterprises in Slovakia Dividend distribution restrictions – article in SME In April 2020, we wrote an article for the SME daily about

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Unique law firm in Bratislava

Highgate Law & Tax, as a butique law firm based in Bratislava, Slovakia provides a unique combination of legal and tax advisory services for domestic and foreign clients. In close cooperation with our affiliated accounting and tax advisory firm Carpathian Tax & Accounting, we deliver tailor made legal, tax and accounting services for the Slovak branches of foreign companies and

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Legal and tax conference for advertising, digital, event and PR agencies

As the main topic of the conference we discussed the ways of how creative agencies may have legally secure and tax effective contracts with their contractors. We also touched upon the risks of regulatory risks associated with converting employment contracts to cooperation agreements with independent contractors. Potential risks and liabilities of managing directors arising from the

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