In cooperation with the sister tax-accounting company CARPATHIAN Tax & Accounting, our office on the Slovak market provides a unique combination of legal, tax and accounting advice under one roof and in boutique form. We are thus well placed to provide our clients with comprehensive transaction advice including drafting of legal documents and analysis of the possible tax implications arising from the transaction.

This unprecedented connection in the market of boutique consulting companies is accumulated mainly in the person of Petr Varga, a partner of both companies, who, as a lawyer and a tax expert, combines the legal, tax and accounting inputs of the entire team.

This approach saves clients money and at the same time provides them with a higher quality standard. It is effective for the client to know in one place, for example, not only about the legal side of the matter, but also what tax and accounting consequences the intended transaction has. If the transaction leads to significant taxation / non-taxation, it is possible to discuss at the same meeting / opinion on how this tax advantage / disadvantage can be legally structured or communicated to the counterparty. Naturally, if the client has to deal with this in two or three places (i.e. a lawyer, a tax advisor and possibly also an accountant) and has to connect and confront these inputs, it is inefficient.

In our country, not only more complicated operations and business situations such as mergers, sales of companies / companies, inputs of investors, foreign expansions, or the application of patent boxing and supercomputing require a combined legal, tax and accounting input.

But even a number of small clients for whom we maintain accounting in our country (at CARPATHIAN) will appreciate if they can ask spontaneous tax or legal questions in one place and possibly at the price of one accounting lump sum.

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