Our clients include small and medium size IT companies. Through having a chance to advise these clients on various legal and tax matters, we have came across a number tax related situations affecting their business activities. We have thus decided to organize with CARPATHIAN Advisory Group a conference on tax optimization for Slovak IT firms which took place on 24 April 2019 in hotel Falkensteiner in Bratislava.

At the conference, by referring to our existing client cases, we presented various possibilites of tax optimization for both smaller IT startups and more developed IT firms. In addition to discussing tax optimization in general, we focused in more detail on Patent Box (more advantageous taxation of income from development and sale of software), talked about „super-deduction“ of costs on research and development of software and touched upon the main tax issues arising from issuance of employee shares or sale of shares in the company to investors. We also discussed pros and cons of scaling the business activities of Slovak IT firms to foreign markets.

In the second part of the conference, members of our discussion panel – Peter Fusek (COO Instarea), Grigor Ayrumyan (CEO WEZEO) a Ivan Melay (Head of Central Europe BENDURA BANK AG) has talked about their hands-on experience with tax optimization in their IT firms.