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In addition to client legal advice, our lawyers regularly publish articles on key areas of our advisory and comment on professional topics, especially in the field of tax and corporate law for renowned Slovak newspaper and the media. We regularly organize conferences on current topics in the areas of our advisory services. Our founders are members of working groups created at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic for the purpose of recodification of the rules for the area of collective investment and funds and the area of corporate law.

We advised AeroMobil on major investment provided by Slovak Investment Holding

Our partner Tomáš Demo, specializing in startup law and legal advisory relating to sale of companies and investments has been providing legal advisory to the Slovak global company AeroMobil in relation to a major EUR 2,8 million investment provided by Slovak Investment Holding (SIH), provided in form of capital financing from the EU structural and investments funds. Our advisory

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Impact of Blockchain na tému “Blockchain a fundraising”

Vzhľadom na to, že ako Highgate Law & Tax máme v spolupráci s partnerskou daňovo-účtovnou spoločnosťou CARPATHIAN Advisory Group veľmi bohaté skúsenosti s právnym, daňovým a účtovným uchopením celkom širokého ekosystému okolo blockchain, zúčastňujeme sa viacerých podujatí venovaných práve problematike blockchain. O tom bola aj nedávna konferencia v Impact Hube Impact of Blockchain vol.2: Fundraising, ktorej sa od nás zúčastnil Peter Varga. Peter je jeden z mála právnikov

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Conference on tax optimization for IT firms

Our clients include small and medium size IT companies. Through having a chance to advise these clients on various legal and tax matters, we have came across a number tax related situations affecting their business activities. We have thus decided to organize with CARPATHIAN Advisory Group a conference on tax optimization for Slovak IT firms which took place on 24 April 2019

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We advised PUNK Ventures on a buy-out of shares in Startitup Group media house

Our partner Tomáš Demo, who specializes in legal advisory relating to sales of companies and shareholders‘ relationships,  has been providing legal advice to company PUNK Ventures in relation to a buy-out of shares in a major Slovak media house – Startitup Group from PMK Invest. We have been providing legal support to PUNK Ventures in negotiations on agreements on transfer of participation interests and new

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Conference on employee stock option plans (ESOP)

Experiencing the times with unemployment rate hitting its historical lows, above-average fixed salaries are often no longer enough for firms to acquire and motivate the best people on the market. We evidence an increasing demand for motivating the key employees with shares on company’s profits and equity. With this in mind, on 22 November 2018 we

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Conference on investments into crypto platforms

Recently, our tax and legal practice is faced with blockchain and crypto phenomenon. We are tasked to advise our clients on taxation, VAT treatment and structuring of crypto investment funds, security token offerings (STO), initial coin offerings (ICO), as well as analyzing potential impacts of applicable financial and investments regulations, AML, and KYC regulations. Due to expansion

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Slovakia has committed a cardinal sin by imposing a digital tax on UBER, Booking, Taxify and others

Imposing a digital tax resembles a situation in which your bank unilaterally increases your interest rate tenfold after two years of your five-year interest fixation period. Even this comparison is not absolutely accurate since in case of digital tax, Slovakia acts as also as an executor. It forces all subjects paying money to digital platforms to withhold tax from

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Each of us has at least once used a vending machine, which gave us a drink, after throwing a coin and selecting your favorite drink. Legally speaking, this simple operation can be divided into three simple steps. Company owning the vending machine offered you for sale a drink in the machine. You accepted this offer by throwing the coin

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After spending several years in Allen & Overy and Dentons, we have set up our own boutique law firm. For a start, we should certainly come up with a market cliché of us providing an infinite scale of legal services, ranging from civil law, commercial law, dispute resolution and obviously now popular GDPR. We prefer to dive depths instead.

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We advised AeroMobil in relation to a significant private investment

Our partner Tomáš Demo has been providing legal advice to AeroMobil and one of its co-founders, Mr Juraj Vaculík, in relation to an investment of a significant private investor, Mr Patrick Hessel. We have been providing legal support to AeroMobil in negotiations on a robust transaction documentation, which included agreements on transfer of participation interests, convertible loan agreement, agreements on settlement of IP rights and

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