From 1.1.2021, our legal-tax team at Highgate Law & Tax as well as the tax-accounting team at CARPATHIAN  have been strengthened by tax advisor Vladimíra Mačuhová. Due to the growing demand for tax advisory services, Vladka’s arrival to our team is positive news for our clients, to whom we provide tailor-made tax legal advice.

Vladka has extensive experience in the field of tax consulting. For a significant part of her career, she worked as a tax advisor at the international consulting company EY. In addition, she worked as the executive director of the tax consulting company FINSERVIS TAX, s.r.o., where she was in charge of a team of tax advisors and accountants. Vladka is a member of the methodological commission for VAT of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers, she comments on new legislation, presentations and expert articles. In her practice, she specializes mainly in VAT and income tax.

At Highgate Law & Tax, Vladka will support our legal team in more complex tax and legal assignments. Also, given the stable position of the CARPATHIAN and Highgate Law & Tax merger at the level of specialized tax law services, Vladka’s arrival represents an organic shift for a further increase in the quality of our services. Vladka will develop our expertise in tax consulting, especially in the field of VAT, R&D super-deduction, patent box and tax proceedings. It will also provide the necessary professional assistance in representing clients in tax matters before administrative courts.